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A proven leader of late stage start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations who brings expertise in assisting domestic and global companies with their business and commercial real estate needs. Ken's expertise with corporate relocations, construction and start-up of manufacturing facilities and offices will provide your company with both an operational and financial advantage. Our collaboration will be based upon your priorities, such as local presence, key customer locations, logistics, skilled labor costs and availability, tax incentives and deferrals, accelerated depreciation and tax credits for jobs, R&D, facilities and energy.



  • Utilize his extensive network of national and international executive contacts to generate leads and potential clients for the sale or lease of existing corporate facilities
  • Evaluate and assess the client’s local strategy, needs analysis (location options, construction if applicable and personnel); align strategy with client needs to assure a successful transactional and timely relocation process
  • Locate the optimal existing corporate office or manufacturing plant properties or land for the new construction of a manufacturing facility, distribution warehouse or corporate office building
  • Together with other state agency experts, evaluate and present local competitive advantages to increase value creation for all client stakeholders
  • Perform extensive commercial market studies and, in partnership with corporate executive management and other professional advisors, negotiate the LOI
  • Support transactional due diligence activities to assure zoning, land use and parking allocation compliance, environmental studies, adequate utility requirements and all mandatory disclosure documents
  • Close the final sales and purchase agreement (SPA)
  • Support post-closure activities and relocation activities, as defined and agreed by the client and consultant



Real Estate Broker, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (July 1, 1979 – Present)

Real Estate Salesperson, State of Arizona (October 31, 2016 – Present)